About United Business Mail

  • Founded in 1987
  • Four Locations – Minneapolis MN, Phoenix AZ, Los Angeles CA, and Chicago IL
  • 31 Sorters Across Our Four Production Facilities
  • 5 Day Per Week Drops for Standard / Non-Profit Commingle
  • 24 Hour Turn Available for Standard / Non-Profit Commingle
  • 5 Day Per Week Drops for First Class Letters / Flats – Same Day Service
  • Metering Services
  • Simplified Pricing Model – No Hidden / Extra Fees
  • No Contracts Required

United Business Mail is the largest independent Standard Mail Commingle provider in the United States. With a reach for Standard Commingle that extends from coast to coast, United Business Mail allows mailers of all sizes to use postage as a competitive weapon to win new business.

United Business Mail does one thing – we sort mail. We don’t own printers. We don’t own inserters. We spend every minute of every day working to compliment your business, not compete with it.